We will strive for the following long-term project outcomes:

  • maintaining appropriate agricultural practices in the area, promoting organic farming and increasing the added value of products, promoting agricultural practices that are beneficial to environmental or natural protection

  • Improved integration of agricultural landowners and land managers, as well as their needs, into agricultural policy,

  • improved understanding and collaboration of professional services in agriculture and nature conservation, as well as the search for synergies in the implementation of appropriate agricultural practices,

  • experience in the implementation of adapted agricultural practises for more targeted agricultural subsidies, better use of European funds in agriculture and nature conservation,

  • formulation of goals and measures for future work of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park (management plan),

  • raising awareness among landowners and land managers, as well as the general public,

  • raising awareness and guiding visitors, as well as providing basic infrastructure for the development of tourism providers.