A diverse offer of activities and experiences in the land of the Pivka intermittent lakes


The adventure is designed for all researchers who want to learn more about Petelinjsko jezero Lake and embark on a path that unfolds through poetic rhymes.

A map with hints in rhymes can be obtained from the Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka or from the TIC Pivka, Prečna 1, Pivka and TIC PVZ, Kolodvorska 51, Pivka.


There is an Živa wastewater treatment plant in the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park, which is an essential infrastructure for the needs of maintaining clean water, especially on sensitive karst terrain, which has very poor self-cleaning abilities.

The Živa wastewater treatment plant Learning path is intended for organised and pre-announced groups, primarily school-aged children and young people, but it will undoubtedly be of interest to other groups of visitors as well. During the guided tour, visitors learn about biological wastewater treatment procedures, visit the interpretation room, which is intended to raise awareness about the importance of water resource protection, and watch a short film about the treatment plant.

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In Dina, you can explore the fascinating worlds of wolves, lynxes, and bears in the setting of a magical forest using innovative virtual and augmented reality technology. Through 10 stations intertwined with the latest technology and fascinating stories, you will encounter and learn about three large carnivores that live in Slovenia.

Bears, wolves and lynxes.
What do they eat, what are they interested in and where do they roam?
Who do they have problems with and who has problems with them?
What causes a lynx to urinate against a tree, and what effect does bear hair have on the trunk of trees?
Why is bear excrement green at times and purple at others?

You will go hunting for lynx, wolf, and bear tracks and learn the basics of their mutual communication with the help of numerous videos made by Slovenian researchers, as well as augmented and virtual reality.


Our country and attractions are frequently visited by larger and smaller groups, for which we prepare individual guided tours of the Nature Park, Ecomuseum, or other attractions and tailor the activities to the needs of each group. We have special benefits for: pensioners, schools, tourist associations and other organised groups. Would you like to book a visit to the land of the Pivka intermittent lakes and receive personalised guidance based on your preferences and needs?

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