You enter the varied land of Pivka’s intermittent lakes, which allows you to discover lakes and, in their absence, flowering lake basins. Colourful meadows and the cultural heritage of the local people.

Please help us in preserving this beauty. Take only photos and a beautiful memory with you, leaving only footprints behind.

Behavior in the area of large carnivores

Large carnivores have an innate fear of humans, so they avoid contact and are rarely encountered. There is no need to fear them, but caution and appropriate behaviour in the wild is essential. We avoid encounters by drawing attention to ourselves with calm conversations, whistles and loud walking. At the same time, we must be careful not to disturb other forest dwellers. If despite drawing attention to ourselves, we encounter a large carnivore representative, we remain as calm as possible. We make it aware of our presence with a calm tone and slowly retreat in the direction of our arrival. It is important that we do not run because our sudden and quick reaction may cause them to run behind us.

If I meet a bear…

Bear attacks on humans are extremely rare; the bear will only attack if it feels threatened.
● we don’t run, climb, or swim because a bear can do all of these things much better than us
● when raised on its hind legs, the bear does not display aggression but checks its surroundings
● it is very important to have a dog on a leash when in nature
● the bear can initiate a so-called false attack against us, but it does not intend to harm us; it simply wishes to drive us away.

If I meet a wolf…

Wolves are extremely timid animals. They also avoid humans if we meet them in a pack. In the last 100 years, we have not recorded any attacks on humans in Slovenia.

If I meet a lynx…

Because lynx are rare and cautious, they are difficult to spot in the wild, so there are few encounters.

FOREST behaviour

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