The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park covers 140 km2 and covers more than half of the Municipality of Pivka. The park is located in the middle part of the Pivka basin, between the southern ridge of Javorniki in the east and the ridge of the Šilentabor and Primož hills in the west. The border of the park on the north, east and south sides runs along the border of the municipality. The western border follows the border of the Natura 2000 nature conservation network.

The park is divided into a lake protection area, which includes three spatially separated sections of the two largest intermittent lakes (Palško jezero and Petelinjsko jezero Lakes) and a group of five intermittent lakes: Petelinjsko jezero Lake, Palško jezero Lake and Malo and Veliko Zagorsko jezero Lake, Veliko and Malo Drskovško jezero Lake, Parsko jezero Lake and the Mišnik spring.
The influential area of the park extends beyond the boundaries of the Nature Park and comprises part of the Municipality of Pivka, which belongs to the Pivka river basin.