Business card of the park

Identity card of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park
Area: 140 km2
Year of establishment: 2014
Founder: Municipality of Pivka
Managed by: Pivka Tourism Public Institute

Establishment and management of the Nature Park

The main purpose of establishing the Seasonal lakes of Pivka Nature Park and thus protecting the area is to preserve natural values, biodiversity, and populations of endangered and internationally protected wild plant and animal species and habitat types.

The purpose of protection in the Nature Park is achieved by preserving the extensive cultural landscape, the interweaving of wet and dry meadows and hedgerows, and the proper management of the Pivka intermittent lakes and preserved forests.

Management of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park

The Nature Park is managed by the Pivka Tourism Public Institute. We direct park activities in collaboration with residents, landowners, village communities, and other stakeholders in the park area. The manager promotes activities that help to preserve or improve nature and the park’s distinctive mosaic landscape, while also allowing for the development of the local community. The Nature Park cooperates with other professional services operating in the area. We pay special attention to the most nature-protective parts of the area, which are defined as a lake protection area in the ordinance on the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park.

Legal starting points for conservation and management

The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park was created with the adoption of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park Ordinance. The Ordinance was adopted in 2014 by the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Pivka (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 43/2014) and is based on the first, fourth and fifth paragraphs of Article 49 of the Nature Conservation Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 96/04 – official consolidated text, 61/06 – ZDru-1, 8/10 – ZSKZ-B, 46/14, 21/18 – ZNOrg, 31/18 and 82/20).

The Ordinance was created using the Expert Basis for the Conservation of Intermittent Lakes of Upper Pivka and Javorniki in the Municipality of Pivka ,which was created in 2013 by the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation Regional Unit Nova Gorica. More information is provided on the area of protection, main characteristics, nature protection statuses, and risk factors. The rules of conduct from which the Ordinance’s development policies and regimes are derived are also defined. The Ordinance was amended in 2018 and 2019 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 43/2014, 48/2018, 70/19). The changes’ content is related to the manager’s change, which after the change is the Pivka Tourism Public Institute.

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